Working to bridge learning to and through all levels of education with those who have a strong desire to grow

Linking resources to health centres and hospitals to increase their capacity to provide health care to those in need

Working with people in a variety of entrepreneurial settings, we promote success in business and life

Cathy Cleary is a consciousness raising speaker, who draws on her extensive experience in project management and community development.


Bridges bring us together. They move things to new places. Bridges cross great divides and open up a world of possibilities. We like bridges for what they do and how they make us think. And act.

This site is a bridge. It tells the stories of individuals and organizations working in and for education, entrepreneurship, environment and health. These areas help increase the quality of life and level the playing field across continents, cultures, and cities.

Bridging Post connects people and places, those who have little and those who have lots, to develop an economy based on reciprocity and respect.