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What bridges have you crossed? Where do you build them? Who benefits from this back and forth? We’d love to hear about the bridges in your life.


If you have experience promoting education, entrepreneurship, environment or health - whether with an NGO, government agency or as an individual - now’s your chance to submit a story.

Before submitting your article please read our guidelines.






If you have a story to share about making an impact, send a 400-700 word article telling us about it.

Please also include relevant pictures, including the author's headshot; a 40-60 word biography/description of the author(s) and/or organization(s) you feature; and the social media handles of these individuals and organizations.

All submissions following the guidelines will be considered for publication. Before you submit ask:


  • Is my article related to education, entrepreneurship, environment or health?

  • Is my article between 400 and 700 words?

  • Is my article free from grammatical errors and misinformation?

  • Have I included relevant pictures, including a headshot of the author?

  • Have I included a 40-60 word bio on the author(s) and/or organization(s)?

  • Have I included the individuals' and organizations' social media handles?


Thank you for your interest in Bridging Post and for being part of making the world a better place. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send your submissions and any questions to

All submissions will receive a reply though not all will be published.

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