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Cathy Cleary is passionate about her work as a consciousness raising speaker, community leader, activist and entrepreneur. She has been working in the area of international development for the past ten years and in the areas of community health and social justice for over twenty-five years. A community developer at heart, particularly around issues of poverty and injustice, she currently works with Canadian and International organizations to support and fund projects in Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. Cathy works from a core belief that people living in communities know best what their community needs. 

What the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa Didn’t Tell You | Cathy Cleary | TEDxQueensU
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Cathy has developed an awareness raising model she calls “the cycle of mindful giving” - which involves asking questions to broaden our understanding of giving and to bring awareness into one’s personal experience - and it can be applied to a wide spectrum of situations. Her goal is to invite people to engage in conscious giving and bring mindfulness not just to their giving practices, but to their workplace, school, home, and into our broader communities. 

Current research shows that giving to others improves your own health, wellbeing and happiness. The act of giving is simple, but what if - instead of one action - giving is thought of as a process, where two or more people can benefit from a mutual relationship of giving and receiving.