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Meet Cathy Cleary, the heart and head behind Bridging Post.


Over the last two decades, Cathy has built many bridges, literally and figuratively, connecting her professional life in Canada with a number of projects and endeavours in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Building relationships that, she says, move goods and good in both directions.


Cathy draws on her extensive experience in project management and community development. She founded the Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre in the DRCongo, a place where women learn skills to start their own businesses and support their families. She has led many medical missions to Ukerewe Island, taking teams of Canadians to introduce them to and work with local partners in Tanzania. Her husband, Randy supports her efforts by drawing on his leadership of a successful and storied boutique investment firm. Their family history  tells a story of hard work, successes and failures, and the desire to make a difference in our world. Cathy believes that the people she is working with know exactly what they need to better their lives ~ her work is to help them make their ideas a reality. Cathy works on projects connected to medical clinics and hospitals, schools and training centres,  poverty reduction and food security, and income generating projects.


When Cathy spoke with Angelina Jolie in 2017, Angelina shared her vision for more partnerships in humanitarian work. She talked about our need to work together rather than in silos. Bridging Post offers a format where others doing good work around the world can share their ideas and can make connections with one another. Check out our Articles section Articles Section to see how people like you are coming together to trade their time, treasure and talent. They are building bridges across continents, cultures, and communities, and between people.

Canada has many charitable organizations working around the world. Rather than creating a new one, Cathy believes we can partner with the ones already doing great work. Following her conversation with Angelina Jolie, Cathy has continued to partner with a number of registered charitable organizations in her projects such as Canada Africa Community Health Alliance , Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief , and  CanAssist African Relief Trust ,



Bridging Post was founded by Cathy Cleary, who after working for many years in the areas of social justice and international development saw the need for a meeting place for like minded people to share and connect. The site is built on her heartfelt belief that “awareness must provoke action”.

Bridging Post offers insight into the work that Cathy is doing in Tanzania and the DRCongo. It also share stories from others who are working to change the world. You might say Bridging Post is a source of inspiration. Our site includes insights, knowledge and contacts on local and global development projects in areas such as water sanitation, health, education, and women’s empowerment.

Bridging Post strives to encourage people to build bridges across cultures and continents, based on reciprocity and respect.



Everyone! We accept articles from anyone who has worked or volunteered in humanitarian work, especially if it has an international angle. If you have a story to tell about how you built a bridge through your work, how you crossed a bridge in your life, or how someone used a bridge to get to you, please send us your article.

Authors include teachers, community development workers, doctors, leaders in the non-profit sector, business owners, students, politicians, travellers, media, and more.


Absolutely. We are interested in stories that show the power and promise of team-work, inclusivity, and experiences that changed you or others. We are particularly keen on international stories in areas including income generation, health, education, and the environment. We want to hear not just about how you wanted to or tried to make a change but also about how working with the people helped you to learn new things and changed you. Stories only need to be 400 words with a brief bio of the author. Read all the submission requirements here.


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